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Figure 7

From: Mapping of ESE-1 subdomains required to initiate mammary epithelial cell transformation via a cytoplasmic mechanism

Figure 7

Alignment of SAR sequences from 15 species retrieved from the NCBI database. (A) Amino acid sequences of SAR domains from 15 species found in NCBI database ordered according to percent identity to human SAR amino acid sequence. Gray background - AAs identical to human sequence. Yellow background - conservative substitutions. Red background - conserved regions. Black angled lines - insertions. %id. - percent identity to human protein sequence. Conservative substitutions and gaps were regarded as non-identical AAs for calculations of percent identity. (B) Percent conservation at each AA position between human and the remaining 14 species listed in (A). Conservative substitutions and gaps were considered non-identical amino acids for the purpose of calculation of percent conservation. Red ellipses - conserved subregions of SAR.

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