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Figure 4

From: Apigenin inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in human multiple myeloma cells through targeting the trinity of CK2, Cdc37 and Hsp90

Figure 4

Apigenin reduces Cdc37 phosphorylation, disassociates Hsp90/Cdc37/kinase complexes and degrades Hsp90/Cdc37 client proteins. (A) U266 and RPMI 8226 cells were treated with apigenin or TBB for 24 h. Cdc37 protein was immunoprecipitated from whole cell lysates (500 μg each) with an anti-Cdc37 antibody and analyzed by immunoblotting with antibodies against phosphoserine, Hsp90, Cdc37, and Cdk4. For this experiment, 30 μg of the inputs was subjected to western blot to determine the levels of Cdc37, Hsp90, and Cdk4. (B) After treatment of apigenin for 24 h, the protein levels of Cd37 client kinases (RIP1, Raf-1, Src and Cdk4) in U266 and RPMI 8226 cells were detected by western blot analysis.

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