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Figure 1

From: Mesothelin confers pancreatic cancer cell resistance to TNF-α-induced apoptosis through Akt/PI3K/NF-κB activation and IL-6/Mcl-1 overexpression

Figure 1

MSLN expression level positively correlates with protection of pancreatic cancer cell lines from TNF-α induced apoptosis. (A). Evaluation of MSLN mRNA expression in PC cell lines. Relative MSLN mRNA levels in pancreatic cancer cell lines MIA PaCa-2, Panc28, Capan-1, BxPC3, PL 45, Hs 766T, AsPC-1, Capan-2 and Panc 48 cells. Total mRNA from the cell lines were reverse transcribed and tested for MSLN expression by Real Time PCR. The results depicted denote MSLN mRNA levels in each cell line normalized to the GAPDH mRNA level. Relative mRNA level is presented as 2^[Ct(GAPDH)-Ct(MSLN)]. The bars denote SD of duplicate data. (B). A panel of PC cells' viability with or without TNF-α treatment. Cells were seeded in 96-well plates, serum-starved for 24 h, and then cultured in serum free medium ± 20/50 ng/ml of TNF-α for 72 h. Viable cells were quantitated by using MTT assay. Relative fold increase in viability is plotted along Y axis. Data plotted show means of triplicate wells.

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