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Figure 3

From: Plumbagin inhibits invasion and migration of breast and gastric cancer cells by downregulating the expression of chemokine receptor CXCR4

Figure 3

Plumbagin downregulates CXCR4 in different tumor cell types. Gastric cancer (AGS, MKN45, and SNU16), lung adenocarcinoma (H1299), renal cell carcinoma (786-O), oral adenosquamous carcinoma (CAL27), hepatocellular carcinoma (Hep3B) cells were incubated with 5 μM plumbagin for 6 h. Whole-cell extracts were prepared and analyzed by Western blot analysis using antibody against CXCR4. The same blots were stripped and reprobed with β-actin antibody to show equal protein loading. Representative results of three independent experiments are shown.

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