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Table 1 Impact of HER2 status on the expression of Bcl-2 family members in mammary tumors

From: c-Myc dependent expression of pro-apoptotic Bim renders HER2-overexpressing breast cancer cells dependent on anti-apoptotic Mcl-1

Probe Gene pValue Enrichment in HER2+
P_1861_at BAD 0,0294 -
P_203728_at BAK1 ns ns
P_208478_s_at BAX ns ns
P_211833_s_at BAX ns ns
P_211692_s_at BBC3 ns ns
P_203685_at BCL2 < 0.0001 -
P_207004_at BCL2 0,0157 -
P_207005_s_at BCL2 0,0311 -
P_203684_s_at BCL2 ns ns
P_205681_at BCL2A1 ns ns
P_212312_at BCL2L1 0.0054 +
P_206665_s_at BCL2L1 ns ns
P_215037_s_at BCL2L1 ns ns
P_221320_at BCL2L10 ns ns
P_222343_at BCL2L11 0.0061 +
P_208536_s_at BCL2L11 ns ns
P_217955_at BCL2L13 ns ns
P_221241_s_at BCL2L14 ns ns
P_209311_at BCL2L2 ns ns
P_211725_s_at BID 0,0086 +
P_204493_at BID ns ns
P_205780_at BIK 0.016 ns
P_221454_at BOK ns ns
P_206864_s_at HRK ns ns
P_206865_at HRK ns ns
P_214056_at MCL1 0,0097 +
P_200796_s_at MCL1 ns ns
P_200797_s_at MCL1 ns ns
P_200798_x_at MCL1 ns ns
P_214057_at MCL1 ns ns
P_204285_s_at PMAIP1 0,0005 -
P_204286_s_at PMAIP1 < 0.0001 -
  1. The impact of HER2 status (evaluated by immunohistochemistry) on the expression of 20 genes of the Bcl-2 family was evaluated as described in Methods. The cohort contained 41 HER2+ and 170 HER2- ones. + and - indicate an enrichment and an impoverishment, respectively, in the HER2 overexpressing cohort. P values were assessed by a Wilcoxon test. Pro-apoptotic genes are shown in bold.