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Figure 2

From: Differential modulatory effects of GSK-3β and HDM2 on sorafenib-induced AIF nuclear translocation (programmed necrosis) in melanoma

Figure 2

The effect of p53 downmodulation on p21waf expression and programmed cell death induced in A375 cells by the combination of 10 μM sorafenib (S) and 20 μM MI-319 (M). A375 cells expressing a tetracycline-regulable p53 shRNA were treated with 3 μM doxycycline overnight and then with sorafenib and MI-319 for 6 hr for the western blots shown in (A) or 24 hours for the cell death assays shown in (B). Cell death data are presented as the percentage of total cells staining positive for propidium iodide.

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