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Figure 9

From: BRAF and RAS oncogenes regulate Rho GTPase pathways to mediate migration and invasion properties in human colon cancer cells: a comparative study

Figure 9

TGFβ-1 enhances the transforming properties by BRAFV600E and KRASG12V oncogenes. (A) Confocal images of phalloidin staining after 14 days of TGFβ-1 treatment illustrate a more transforming phenotype acquired by Caco-K15 cells. Representative confocal images are shown in low (i) and high (ii) cell density. (B) Western blot analysis of E-cadherin in soluble and insoluble cell fractions (upper panel) and confocal images (lower panel) after 14 days of TGFβ-1 treatment. Fragmentation of E-cadherin in Caco-BR13 cells is indicated by arrows. (C) Assessment of cell migration and invasion of Caco-2, Caco-BR13 and Caco-K15 cells during TGFβ-1 treatment for 14 days. (D) Effect of TGFβ-1 in RhoA activation and ERK1/2 phosphorylation. Caco-2, Caco-BR13 and Caco-K15 cells were serum starved overnight and treated with 5 ng/ml TGFβ-1 for 5 and 15 minutes after which a GST pull-down RhoA activation assay was performed.

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