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Figure 5

From: Downregulation of connective tissue growth factor inhibits the growth and invasion of gastric cancer cells and attenuates peritoneal dissemination

Figure 5

Knockdown of CTGF inhibits gastric cancer SGC7901 xenograft peritoneal dissemination. SGC7901, PSNC and CTGF knockdown stable cell lines (PSC1 and PSC2) were injected intraperitoneally as described under "Material and Methods". 6 weeks later, the mice were sacrificed, photographed, dissected and any disseminated nodules present on the mesentery and diaphragm were counted. A. The photograph of nude mice with peritoneal dissemination from each group. B. The disseminated nodules were evaluated. Each bar represents the mean ± SD (n = 5 for each group). *P < 0.05 as compared to control (control is SGC7901).

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