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Figure 5

From: EFEMP1 suppresses malignant glioma growth and exerts its action within the tumor extracellular compartment

Figure 5

Human recombinant EFEMP1 protein is able to suppress glioma xenograft growth. A, weight of s.c. xenografts dissected 28 days after implantation of U251HF cells (1 × 106) mixed with EFEMP1 protein (20 ng) or vehicle prior implantation, or peri-tumoral injection with EFEMP1 (10 ng × 2 sides) or vehicle 1 week after implantation and a repeat of EFEMP1 treatment in the following week. Mean (SD) are based on 4 tumors with treatments per group. B, Kaplan-Meier survival curves for mice after i.c. implantation with U251HF cells (1 × 105) mixed with 4 ng EFEMP1 protein or same volume of vehicle. C, T2-weighted images of mice from vehicle and EFEMP1-treatment groups 32 days after implantation. D, s.c. xenograft growth curve after implantation with the same amount of GBM16B expressing shEFEMP1, mixed with the same volume of EFEMP1 or vehicle prior implantation. Symbols (error bars) on the curves represent averages (SDs) of tumor volumes based on longitudinal data from 8 or 9 tumors per group that was log-transformed to stabilize variances for the repeated-measures ANOVA. P < 0.001 for the test of any separation between curves among all three groups, and P = 0.046 for the test of any difference in growth rates among all three groups.

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