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Table 1 Function and pathway analysis of the promoter hypermethylated genes identified by MeDIP-chip

From: MiR-185 Targets the DNA Methyltransferases 1 and Regulates Global DNA Methylation in human glioma

Term Promoter Hypermethylation Genes
Go Term
cell communication, intracellular signaling cascade, signal transduction 23 genes: SST, DIRAS3, PTAFR, KCNN3, OR10Q1, CD81, ABRA, CASP9, FYN, MBP, OR10H5, RCVRN, GPR31, KCNMB2, TDGF1, ANKDD1A, OPN1MW, PKP1, PCDHB13, PI4KA, HSH2D,KNDC1, KCNMB3
neurological system process, system process, synaptic transmission, transmission of nerve impulse 21 genes: KCNMB3, CLN3, MPZ, S100P, TRPV1, DLGAP2, SIX3, PI4KA, RCVRN, PCDHB13, OR10H5, MBP, KCNMB2, PROM1, FYN, SYPL1, KCNN3, OR10Q1, HTR1D, SST, GAD1
negative regulation of biological process, negative regulation of metabolic process, negative regulation of cellular process, negative regulation of transcription, transcription repressor activity 16 genes: SST, ST18, B4GALNT2, DEDD2, GRLF1, SALL4, RASSF2, PAIP2, TDGF1, RASSF1, CLN3, GDNF, SIX3, DKK4, TMSB4Y, CFTR
homeostatic process, chemical homeostasis, ion homeostasis, regulation of pH, regulation of biological quality 13 genes: KCNMB3, CCKAR, CLN3, MPZ, TRPV1, CYP11B2, RPH3AL, KCNMB2, MBP, EDNRB, DNAJC16, DEDD2, MB
brain development, generation of neurons, neuron migration 8 genes: FYN, NNAT, CCKAR, ROBO2, SIX3, CFTR, GRLF1, GDNF
cell adhesion, biological adhesion, homophilic cell adhesion, Cadherin 14 genes: FGF6, FLRT1, CLDN18, PKP1, CD300A, FERMT3, SDK1, FBLN7,PCDHB13, ROBO2, PCDHA12, PARVB, PCDHA8, PCDHA13
ion transport, Calcium channel, cation channel activity, gated channel activity, ion transmembrane transporter activity, transmembrane transporter activity 10 genes: KCNMB3, TRPV1, FYN, CACNG7, KCNN3, TRPV3, CACNG1, SLC5A11, KCNK10, KCNMB2
cell migration, cell motility, localization of cell, cellular morphogenesis during differentiation, cellular structure morphogenesis 9 genes: SST, GDNF, ROBO2, S100P, FYN, CCKAR, TDGF1, EDNRB, CFTR
cytoskeletal protein binding, actin binding 7 genes: PARVB, ABRA, C14orf49, RPH3AL, TMSB4Y, PDE4DIP, FYN, PHACTR3
induction of apoptosis by extracellular signals 2 genes: SST, DEDD2
Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction 7 genes: TRPV1, EDNRB, SST, PTAFR, GH2, CCKAR, HTR1D
MAPK signaling pathway 4 genes: CACNG7, MAP2K3, CACNG1, FGF6
Wnt signaling pathway 1 genes: DKK4
Jak-STAT signaling pathway 1 genes: GH2