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Figure 7

From: Characterisation and manipulation of docetaxel resistant prostate cancer cell lines

Figure 7

NF-κB transcriptional activity following docetaxel treatment. A. The PC-3 and DU-145 aged matched and Docetaxel resistant sublines were treated with 50 uM concentrations of Docetaxel for 3, 6 and 24 hours at which time NFκB activity was assessed by luciferase assay, using a Dual Luciferase Assay from Promega following the manufactures instructions. Graphs are generated from 3 independent experiments. Mean values were compared using t-test assuming equal variances. * p < 0.01; ** p < 0.0001. B. Cells were treated as above and at the different time points total cellular protein was extracted and 50 ug loaded onto western blots and assessed for P-IkBα and IkBα. β-actin was used as an additional loading control. Blots are representative of three independent experiments.

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