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Figure 1

From: Aurora-A inactivation causes mitotic spindle pole fragmentation by unbalancing microtubule-generated forces

Figure 1

Aurora-A inactivation induces hyperstabilisation of spindle MTs. A. PM and M cells from control (GL2) and Aurora-Ai cultures incubated on ice for the indicated times were classified according to the status of MTs, examplified in the IF panels. The rightmost column indicates the number (n) of scored PM/M cells in 2 independent experiments; mean values (%) and s.d. (italics) are indicated. B. The protocol of MLN8237 treatment in synchronous cultures is shown (time intervals not represented to scale). Histograms show the percentage of PM and M cells displaying active pThr288-Aurora-A (p-Aur-A-positive) in control (DMSO) or MLN8237-treated cultures (200 counted cells per condition, 2 experiments; error bars represent s.d.); representative images are shown in the IF panels. In the table below, DMSO- or MLN8237-treated cells subjected to the ice-induced depolymerisation assay were classified as in A (2 independent experiments). Scale bars: 10 μm.

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