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Figure 5

From: Aurora-A inactivation causes mitotic spindle pole fragmentation by unbalancing microtubule-generated forces

Figure 5

Nuf2 silencing prevents MLN8237-induced spindle pole fragmentation. A schematisation of the protocol for concomitant Nuf2 RNAi and Aurora-A inactivation (MLN8237) in cultures synchronously progressing from S-phase to mitosis is shown (time intervals not represented to scale). The efficiency of Nuf2 depletion following the RNAi protocol is quantified in the upper histograms (Nuf2 staining; 100-200 counted cells per condition in 2 experiments; see representative images in IF panels). Lower histograms (PM/M cells with fragmented poles by alpha-tubulin staining; 150-250 counted cells per condition, 2 experiments) and IF panels show that generation of extrapoles is reduced by Nuf2/Aurora-A co-inactivation compared to Aurora-A inactivation alone. **: p < 0.001, χ2 test. Red asterisks indicate significant differences with respect to DMSO controls, and black asterisks significant differences between MLN8237-treated mitoses with (GL2i) or without (Nuf2i) the Nuf2 protein. s.d are shown. Scale bar: 10 μm.

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