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Table 2 Representative cell surface markers for human cancer stem cells

From: Metastasis: new perspectives on an old problem

Type of cancer stem cells Cell surface markers
Acute myelogenous leukemia; CD34+, CD38-, CD44, CD123+
Chronic myeloid leukemia CD34+, CD38-, CD123+
B-acute lymphogenous leukemia CD34+, CD38-, CD19+
Ph1-acute lymphogenous leukemia CD34+, CD38-
Blast-crisis CML CD34+, CD38+, CD123+
Myeloproliferative disorder CD117+
Glioblastoma CD133+
Medulloblastoma CD133+
Pilocytic astrocytoma CD133+
Anaplastic ependymoma CD133+
Breast CD44+, CD24-/low, ESA+
Prostate CD133+/alpha 2 beta 1 integrin/CD44+ CD44+/CD24-
Ovarian cancer CD44+, MyD88+
Colon cancer CD133+, CD44+, CD166+, E-CAMhig
Pancreatic cancer CD133+, CD44+, CD24+
Hepatocellular cancer CD133+
Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma CD44+
Bone sarcomas Stro-1+, CD105+, CD44+
Melanoma CD20+, CD133+
Lung cancer CD133+
Liver CD133+, CD90+
Central nervous system CD133+