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Figure 1

From: Short-chain fatty acid level and field cancerization show opposing associations with enteroendocrine cell number and neuropilin expression in patients with colorectal adenoma

Figure 1

Relationship between butyrate concentration and crypt cellularity. The total number of cells per hemi-crypt was counted on 23 samples in contra lateral (field) and 28 samples in mid-sigmoid. (A) Graphs demonstrating that there was no relationship between cell number and butyrate at the field and mid-sigmoid. (B) The data were grouped into tertiles by butyrate concentration at high (> 8 mM), medium (2-8 mM) and low (< 2 mM) and presented as the mean ± SEM. The mean total cell number was 46.40/hemi-crypt in field tissue and 44.17/hemi-crypt in mid-sigmoid respectively showing no difference in crypt cellularity between field and mid-sigmoid samples.

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