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Figure 5

From: Short-chain fatty acid level and field cancerization show opposing associations with enteroendocrine cell number and neuropilin expression in patients with colorectal adenoma

Figure 5

Co-localisation of NRP-1 and CgA expression in human colon epithelial cells. The co-localisation of NRP-1 and CgA expression was calculated in up to 400 cells in crypts in the field and mid-sigmoid samples. (A) Graphs showing of the relative abundance of NRP-1+/CgA-, NRP-1+/CgA+ and NRP-1-/CgA+ cells both in the field and mid-sigmoid and the data presented as the mean ± SEM (B) Graphs showing the relationships between NRP-1 and CgA colocalising and non-colocalising cells relative to butyrate level in the field and mid-sigmoid landmark. A significantly negative correlation was seen in the NRP1+/CgA- cells in landmark (r = -0.473, p = 0.017). (C) The correlation was carried out by Spearman's statistics and the data were shown in r(p) value when grouped into NRP-1+/CgA+, NRP-1+/CgA- and NRP-1-/CgA+ in the field and landmark respectively.

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