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Figure 1

From: LIM kinase1 modulates function of membrane type matrix metalloproteinase 1: implication in invasion of prostate cancer cells

Figure 1

MMP inhibitor suppressed invasiveness of BPH cells expressing LIMK1. A) Immunoblot analysis of expressed Flag-tagged LIMK1 in transfected BPH-1 cells (BPHLCA) using anti-Flag antibodies. No cross reactivity was noted in vector transfected (BPHV) cells. B) Comparative analysis of LIMK1 expression in PC3, parental BPH-1 and BPHLCA cells using anti-LIMK1 antibodies showing increased expression of LIMK1 but at a physiological level in BPHLCA cells. C and D). In vitro invasion assays of BPHLCA and BPHV cells with or without treatment with MMP inhibitor GM6001. C) Fold increase in the number of invaded cells expressing LIMK1 (BPHLCA) compared to the vector control (BPHV). D) Fold changes in cells treated with GM6001 that invaded through the matrigel membrane compared to the vehicle treated BPHLCA cells. Values are Mean ± SD of three separate experiments. *P < 0.003, **P < 0.002 (BPHV vs. BPHLCA cells).

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