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Figure 2

From: LIM kinase1 modulates function of membrane type matrix metalloproteinase 1: implication in invasion of prostate cancer cells

Figure 2

Increased secretion of MMP-2 and MMP-9 in cells expressing LIMK1. Gelatin zymography of secreted MMP-2 (A and C) and MMP-9 (D) in the conditioned media of BPHLCA and BPHV cells. A) Relative gelatinotytic activity of latent MMP-2. B) Densitometric analysis of relative gelatinolytic activity of MMP-2. C). Zymography showing latent, active or partially active MMP-2 in concentrated conditioned media of each cell line. Values are Mean ± SD of three experiments. * P = 0.010 (BPHLCA vs. BPHV cells). D): Gelatinolytic activity of pro-MMP-9 E): Densitometric analysis of the relative intensity of the gelatinoic bands of pro-MMP-9. Values are Mean ± SD of three experiments. ** P = 0.001 (BPHLCA vs. BPHV cells). F) Quantitative real-time PCR analysis of MMP-2 mRNA. Fold difference in mRNA concentrations in BPHLCA compared to BPHV cells. Data was calculated using normalized average ΔCT values for BPHV and BPHLCA cells. Values are Means ± SD of three independent analyses.

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