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Table 1 p53 genotype of employed cell lines

From: Molecular mechanism implicated in Pemetrexed-induced apoptosis in human melanoma cells

  A375 Hs294T HT144 MeWo Calu-3 H1299
TP53 wt wt wt c.772G>A c.711G>T 100% del.
  1. According to COSMIC database from Sanger institute ( and “The TP53 web site” ( the p53 status varies among the employed cell lines. A375, Hs294T and HT144 melanoma cell lines show a wt p53 while MeWo and Calu-3 have puntual mutations that seem to do not compromise its functional activity. On the other hand, H1299 does not show any p53 activity due to its 100% homozygous deletion.