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Table 3 (a) Spearman correlation p values of EMSA H3 values with expression of triplex DNA-binding proteins (3BP) and (b) correlations of U2AF65 expression to PSF and p54nrb expression in normal and tumor tissue extracts

From: Triplex DNA-binding proteins are associated with clinical outcomes revealed by proteomic measurements in patients with colorectal cancer

3BP expression correlated U2AF65 p54nrb PSF
With EMSA H3    
Normal cytoplasm 0.0028 0.91 0.66
Normal nucleus 0.015 0.11 0.075
Normal total 0.016 0.26 0.095
Tumor cytoplasm 1.8e-08 0.53 0.019
Tumor nucleus 5.9e-05 0.0071 0.036
Tumor total 1.8e-08 0.0048 7.5e-05
Correlation to U2AF65 p54nrb PSF
Normal cytoplasm 0.00066 0.085
Normal nucleus 0.00037 0.073
Normal total 0.00040 0.094
Tumor cytoplasm 0.0041 0.0002
Tumor nucleus 1e-06 0.0005
Tumor total 1e-06 1e-06