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Table 1 The expression levels of chromosome 14q32 miRNAs in melanoma

From: Silencing of a large microRNA cluster on human chromosome 14q32 in melanoma: biological effects of mir-376a and mir-376c on insulin growth factor 1 receptor

miRNA that are not expressed in NHEM or in melanoma cell lines (25) miRNA that are expressed in NHEM but not in melanoma cell lines (31) miRNA that are expressed in NHEM and melanoma cell lines (6)
Mir-127-5p Mir-487a Mir-127-3p Mir-381 Mir-134
Mir-154* Mir-493 Mir-136* Mir-382 Mir-370
Mir-323-5p Mir-496 Mir-136 Mir-409-3p Mir-485-3p
Mir-323-3p Mir-539 Mir-154 Mir-409-5p Mir-494
Mir-369-5p Mir-541 Mir-299-3p Mir-410 Mir-654-5p
Mir-369-3p Mir-541* Mir-299-5p Mir-411 Mir-770-5p
Mir-379* Mir-544 Mir-329 Mir-411* miRNAs with a discrepancy in expression between two NHEM samples (3)
Mir-380 Mir-655 Mir-337-3p Mir-431
Mir-380* Mir-656 Mir-337-5p Mir-432
Mir-412 Mir-668 Mir-376a Mir-487b
Mir-432* Mir-889 Mir376a* Mir-493*
Mir-433   Mir-376b Mir-495
Mir-453   Mir-376c Mir-543
Mir-485-5p   Mir-377 Mir-654-3p Mir-300
   Mir-377* Mir-758 Mir-431*
   Mir-379   Mir-665
  1. The expression levels of 65 miRNAs from the large miRNA cluster on human chromosome 14q32.