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Figure 2

From: Cytochrome c oxidase is activated by the oncoprotein Ras and is required for A549 lung adenocarcinoma growth

Figure 2

Selective inhibition of eIF4E reduces COX Vb protein expression but has no effect on β-Actin protein expression. hT/LT, H-RasV12 and A549 cells were transfected with transfection reagent alone, control siRNA or siRNA specific for eIF4E for 48 hours and then examined for eIF4E and COX Vb mRNA expression by real-time RT-PCR (A) and COX Vb and β-actin protein expression using Western blot analysis (B). Protein expression was quantified by densitometric analyses (C) and expressed as percentage of transfection reagent. Data are expressed as the mean ± SD of three experiments. * p value <0.05.

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