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Figure 2

From: The pro-metastasis tyrosine phosphatase, PRL-3 (PTP4A3), is a novel mediator of oncogenic function of BCR-ABL in human chronic myeloid leukemia

Figure 2

Involvement of PRL-3 in CML response to Imatinib and CML proliferation and self-renewal. (A) K562 and KCL-22 cells were treated with Imatinib 0 (vehicle control), 0.2 and 1 μM for 48 h. Cells were harvested and followed by Western blot analysis of a panel of proteins shown. (B) P210 WT and P210 T315I cells were treated with either vehicle control or various concentrations of Imatinib as indicated for 48 h. Cell lysates were used for Western blot analysis of proteins as indicated. In both (A) and (B), β-actin was used as a loading control. Densitometric analysis was performed using Amersham Image Scanner with LabScan ImageQuant TL Software.

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