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Figure 2

From: In vivo gene transfer targeting in pancreatic adenocarcinoma with cell surface antigens

Figure 2

Targeted-transduction of human pancreatic cell lines by the specific pseudotyped GFP-expressing lentivirus. A) PDAC cell lines were transduced with lentiviruses packaged into VSV-G-containing envelopes at increasing multiplicity of infection. MOI = 10 corresponds to a p24 = 100 ng. B) PDAC cell lines were transduced with 100 ng of p24 oncospecific lentiviruses packaged into the 2.2 Sindbis virus glycoprotein-containing envelopes bound to the antibodies mentioned on the x axis (0.5 μg). The y axis corresponds to the% of transduced cells expressing the reporter gene GFP analysed by flow cytometry. Each condition has been tested at least in 3 independent experiments. All conditions with oncospecific lentiviruses are statistically significant (Student’s t test, p < 0.01) compared to negative control condition (ISO) except for PSCA-targeting viruses. C) Western-blots of PDAC cell lines protein extracts with the antibodies used for the targeted transduction. Anti-GAPDH was used as a loading control. After quantification of the western blots by densitometry, the levels of protein expression were calculated as a ratio of GAPDH levels and are shown in a bar graph as a ratio to levels observed in the BXPC3 cell line.

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