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Table 2 RBFOX1 mutations and single nucleotide polymorphisms found in CRC cell lines and patient tumour samples

From: Analysis of colorectal cancers in British Bangladeshi identifies early onset, frequent mucinous histotype and a high prevalence of RBFOX1 deletion

  Mutations Known SNPs
Cell Lines
CoCM1 c.776C>T; p.Ser259Phe  
HCT15 c.288C>T; p.Ser96Ser  
LIM2405   c.393A>G; p.Glu131Glu (rs140174146)
LIM2551 c.154delC  
LOVO 1. c.293C>T; p.Ala98Val  
  2. c.353C>T; p.Thr118Met  
LS411 c.293C>T; p.Ala98Val  
Patient Samples
33 1. c.851C>T; p.Ala284Val  
  2. c.1023G>A;  
53 c.350C>T; p.Pro117Leu*  
93 c.598G>A; p.Val200Met  
  1. *Mutation from patient 53 is identical to known SNP rs139251660, but was present only in tumour but not in the paired normal tissue.