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Figure 4

From: The soluble Decoy Receptor 3 is regulated by a PI3K-dependent mechanism and promotes migration and invasion in renal cell carcinoma

Figure 4

DcR3 expression in RCC is PI3K/AKT-dependent. (A-D) Immunoblot analysis of whole-cell lysates and quantitative real-time-PCR assaying relative DcR3 mRNA expression of ACHN and 769-P cells 24 h after treatment with LY294002 (50 μM) or AKT-inhibitor IV (10 μM) (A); 48 h post transfection with constitutively active AKT (myrAKT) or an empty vector control (neo) (B); 48 h post transfection with GSK-3β-specific siRNAs or a non-specific siRNA (scram) (C); 24 h after treatment with Everolimus (1 μM) (D). Expression data were normalized to internal 18S rRNA expression (mean ± SEM; n=3; *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001; T-test).

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