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Table 1 The clinical and pathologic data of patients with lung SCC for 2-DE

From: Cathepsin B as a potential prognostic and therapeutic marker for human lung squamous cell carcinoma

Sample No Gender Age Histological type TNM classification Clinical stage
1 Male 58 Poor diff. T2bN1M0 IIb
2 Male 61 Mod diff. T1N1M0 IIa
3 Female 59 Poor diff. T3N1M0 IIIa
4 Male 71 Mod diff. T2aN0M0 Ib
5 Male 49 Well diff. T1N0M0 Ia
6 Female 53 Poor diff. T3N1M0 IIIa
7 Male 66 Well diff. T1N1M0 IIa
8 Female 49 Mod diff. T2aN1M0 IIa