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Figure 3

From: R-RAS2 overexpression in tumors of the human central nervous system

Figure 3

RRAS2 fulfils an important role in low grade tumors. a) A qPCR analysis of the cDNA obtained from different human brain samples from the commercial Brain Cancer cDNA Array I (HBRT102) was performed using specific oligos. The mean expression of RRAS2 mRNA is shown for each tumor subtype and grade, and all the values shown are relative to the expression of RRAS2 mRNA in healthy tissue. b- e) The expression of all RRAS subfamily members is altered in tumor cells. A qPCR analysis of the cDNAs from human brain tumors represented according to the tumor type. RRAS1, RRAS2 and RRAS3 transcripts were measured in each sample from the Brain Cancer cDNA Array I (HBRT102). c- e) Transcript levels of the different R-RAS subfamily members were gather and analyzed according to the degree of malignancy (WHO criteria), normalizing all the data relative to the expression in healthy tissue. Student’s t-test *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01. ANOVA p < 0.05.

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