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Figure 3

From: miR-125b targets erythropoietin and its receptor and their expression correlates with metastatic potential and ERBB2/HER2 expression

Figure 3

Relative expression of miR-125b, EPO and EPOR in human breast cancer. The expression levels of EPO (A), EPOR (B) and miR-125b (C) was measured in 42 breast cancers and 13 normal breasts by RT-qPCR. RNU6 and 18S were used as reference genes for miRNA and genes respectively. 2-deltaCq method was used for normalized relative expression calculation. D) A statistically significant inverse correlation between miR-125b and EPO and EPOR expression (P < .05 for both genes) was observed by using two-tailed Spearman’s test (log2 data).

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