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Table 2 Phospho-kinases correlated with radiosensitivity in HNSCC

From: Combining radiotherapy with MEK1/2, STAT5 or STAT6 inhibition reduces survival of head and neck cancer lines

Phospho-kinase Condition Spearman correlation coefficient P-value
Src(Y419) Expression in control 0.67 0.049
Expression after RT 0.75 0.019
STAT5A(Y699) Expression in control 0.70 0.036
Yes(Y426) Expression in control 0.67 0.050
AKT(S437) Relative expression after RT 0.67 0.050
MSK1/2(S376/S360) Expression after RT 0.67 0.050
Lyn(Y397) Expression after RT 0.70 0.036
Fyn(Y420) Expression after RT 0.70 0.036
Hck(Y411) Expression after RT 0.72 0.030
STAT6(Y641) Expression after RT 0.67 0.050
  1. RT: 4 Gy of radiotherapy.
  2. Expression in control or after RT: absolute expression level in control or 1 h after RT.
  3. Relative expression after RT: expression after radiotherapy divided by expression in control.