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Table 1 Up-regulated genes in BMDCs treated with SLC for 1 or 12 hours

From: Combination of SLC administration and Tregs depletion is an attractive strategy for targeting hepatocellular carcinoma

Unigene Genebank Description Gene name Exp.1 Exp.2 Exp.2/Exp.1
Ca 2+ pathway       
Mm.3064 NM_007922 M.musculus mRNA for elk1 protein Elk-1 1.509E-01 3.941E-01 2.612E + 00
Mm.195050 NM_007923 ELK4, member of ETS oncogene family Sap 1a 2.183E-02 1.673E-01 7.662E + 00
PKC pathway       
Mm.896 NM_008362 Interleukin 1 receptor, type I IL-1R1 1.194E-04 9.819E-04 8.223E + 00
Protein tyrosine kinase pathway       
Mm.22288 NM_007631 Cyclin D1 Cyclin D1 2.426E-02 3.758E-01 1.549E + 01
Mm.16110 NM_007633 Cyclin E1 Ccnel 4.159E-02 2.403E-01 5.778E + 00
Mm.35867 NM_009830 Cyclin E2 Cyclin E2 2.048E-01 4.335E-01 2.117E + 00
NF- κB pathway       
Mm.76649 NM_011693 Vascular cell adhesion molecule 1 VCAM-1 9.880E-02 2.347E-01 2.376E + 00
JAK-STAT pathway       
Mm.34446 NM_007669 Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1A (P21) p21Waf1/p21cip 8.938E-03 7.725E-02 8.642E + 00
  1. Exp.1 represented the expression of the genes in BMDCs treated with SLC for 1 hour; Exp.2 represented the expression of genes in BMDCs treated with SLC for 12 hours; Exp.2/Exp.1 meant the fold change.