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Figure 7

From: A TrkB–STAT3–miR-204-5p regulatory circuitry controls proliferation and invasion of endometrial carcinoma cells

Figure 7

MiR-204-5p expression correlates with tumor stage and lymph node metastasis of endometrial cancer patients. (A) MiR-204-5p expression in endometrial cancer tissue specimens (n = 71) and normal endometrium (N) (n = 25) was assessed by RT-PCR and normalized against U6B expression. ** P < 0.0001, unpaired Student’s t test. (B) Spearman correlation analysis of TrkB expression by immunohistochemistry and miR-204-5p expression by RT-PCR of 71 endometrial cancer tissue specimens. Furthermore, miR-204 expression by RT-PCR was stratified by FIGO stage (C), histological type (D), grade in type I (E), myometrial invasion (F), and lymph node status (G). * P < 0.05; NS P > 0.05. Bars show mean ± SD. (H) The Kaplan–Meier overall survival (OS) of uterine corpus endometrioid carcinoma patients (n = 279) from a dataset in the Cancer Genome Atlas stratified by miR-204-5p expression. P = 0.119.

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