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Figure 2

From: Regulation of PMP22 mRNA by G3BP1 affects cell proliferation in breast cancer cells

Figure 2

G3BP1 depletion does not affect cell death. Annexin V-APC staining was performed on G3BP1- and/or G3BP2-depleted MCF-7 (A) or MDA-MB-468 (B) cells, and analyzed with flow cytometry. Data (mean ± SEM) represent the percentage of Annexin V-positive cells in two (A) or three (B) independent experiments. Fragmented nuclei were quantified following DAPI-staining of MCF-7 (C) and MDA-MB-468 (D) cells after G3BP1 and/or G3BP2 depletion. Data are percentage fragmented nuclei (mean ± SEM, n = 3).

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