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Figure 5

From: Differential G protein subunit expression by prostate cancer cells and their interaction with CXCR5

Figure 5

Hypothetical model of CXCR5 interactions in PCa cells. CXCR5 associates with CXCR4 and couples with Gαq/11/Gβ3/Gγ9 heterotrimers in androgen-dependent LNCaP cell line or Gαi2/Gβ3/Gγ9 heterotrimers in hormone refractory C4-2B and PC3 cell lines in the absence of its specific ligand, CXCL13. Upon CXCL13 stimulation, G proteins dissociate from CXCR5 to activate effector molecules. In addition, CXCL13-activated CXCR5 associates or sequesters Gα13protein favoring signals that would promote PCa cell motility.

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