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Figure 4

From: PTEN loss mediated Akt activation promotes prostate tumor growth and metastasis via CXCL12/CXCR4 signaling

Figure 4

Overexpression of Akt1 results in increased subcutaneous tumor growth. DU145-Neo and DU145-HA-Akt1 cells were injected into mice subcutaneously. A) Tumor volume was measured over 80 days. B) Tissue sections from DU145-Neo and DU145-HA-Akt1 subcutaneous tumors were immunostained with antibodies directed against pAkt(S473) or CXCR4, or with negative control. Images were taken at 20X. Bar represents 50 μM. C) Proliferation of DU145-Neo and DU145-HA-Akt1 tumors was analyzed by Ki67 staining; average number of Ki67+ cells of five 20X fields was determined. Bar represents 50 μM.

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