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Table 4 Antibody list

From: Combined p21-activated kinase and farnesyltransferase inhibitor treatment exhibits enhanced anti-proliferative activity on melanoma, colon and lung cancer cell lines

Name Manufacture/code Protein target
α-GFP Roche, 11814460001 GFP
α-PhosphoSerine Antibody Q5 Qiagen, 37430 Serine-phosphorylated proteins
α-PAK (C19) Santa Cruz, Sc881 PAK 1/2/3
α-Phospho-PAK1/2/3[pThr423] Sigma, P7746 Phopshorylated PAK1/2/3 [pThr423]
α-Actin Sigma, A2066 Actin
α-Vinculin, clone FB11 Chemicon, MAB1624 Vinculin
AlexaFluor 546 Goat α-Rabbit IgG Invitrogen, A11035 Rabbit IgG
AlexaFluor 546 Goat α-Mouse IgG Invitrogen, A11030 Mouse IgG
AlexaFluor 488 Goat α-Rabbit IgG Invitrogen, A11034 Rabbit IgG
AlexaFluor 488 Chicken α-Mouse IgG Invitrogen, A21200 Mouse IgG