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Table 1 Cell line characteristics and the status of ACVR1B and SMAD4

From: Homozygous deletion of the activin A receptor, type IB gene is associated with an aggressive cancer phenotype in pancreatic cancer

Cell lines Source Histology ACVR1B SMAD4
    CN Expression CN Expression
Sui65 Peritoneum Tubular 0 - 0 -
Sui66 Pancreas Tubular 1 + 2 ++
Sui67 Pancreas Tubular 1 - 1 +
Sui68 Pancreas Ad 0 - 1 +
Sui70 Pancreas Ad 2 + 0 -
Sui71 Liver Ad 1 + 0 -
Sui73 Pancreas Tubular 2 + 2 +
Sui74 Pancreas Tubular 1 + 1 -
  1. ACVR1B, activin receptor A, type IB; Tubular, tubular adenocarcinoma; Ad, adenocarcinoma; CN, gene copy number.
  2. Legend: The copy numbers of the ACVR1B gene in the Sui65 and Sui68 cell line was 0, and the copy numbers of the SMAD4 gene in the Sui65, Sui70, and Sui71 cell lines were all 0. ACVR1B mRNA was scarcely expressed in the Sui65 and Sui68 cell lines, and SMAD4 mRNA was also scarcely expressed in the Sui65, Sui70, and Sui71 cell lines. These results were similar to those for the copy number assay.