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Figure 1

From: Evaluation of microRNA-10b prognostic significance in a prospective cohort of breast cancer patients

Figure 1

HOXD10 protein expression by immunohistochemistry. a) representative image of normal breast epithelium from an healthy individual (HBS1): HOXD10 was constitutively expressed in normal ductal and lobular epithelium and therefore were used as internal positive control. b) representative image of breast cancer case BC4 developing distant metastases (brain, bone, liver) during follow-up: miR-10b RERs were 0.78 and HOXD10 protein was expressed in 20% of cancer cells; c) and d) representative images of BC6 and BC7 non-metastatic breast cancer cases. HOXD10 showed a diffuse staining, miR-10b RERs were 0.01 and 0.42 respectively and percentage of stained cells were 70% and 100% respectively. Original magnification: 100X a, b, c, d images; 400X squared area of an image.

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