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Figure 5

From: mTOR inhibition and levels of the DNA repair protein MGMT in T98G glioblastoma cells

Figure 5

Inhibition of mTOR signalling does not affect the half- life of MGMT protein in T98G cells but stabilises MGMT in the presence of TMZ. T98G cells were incubated in the presence of emetine alone (A) or emetine and KU0063794 (B), emetine and TMZ (C) or emetine, KU0063794 and TMZ (D) for the times indicated. Western blotting was carried out as described in Materials and Methods and the antiserum used indicated. E. Western blots from the representative data shown were used to quantify MGMT protein levels using eIF4A as a loading control, as described above. MGMT protein levels are expressed relative to those found in untreated cells (set at 100%).

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