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Figure 6

From: A hormone-dependent feedback-loop controls androgen receptor levels by limiting MID1, a novel translation enhancer and promoter of oncogenic signaling

Figure 6

A prostate cancer tissue microarray containing tissue samples from 94 patients with primary prostate cancer (3 cores of cancer and 1 core of benign for each case) were analyzed for MID1 and AR by IHC. (A) Correlation of AR and MID1 immunoreactivity is shown. R = 0.246 according to Pearson and R = 0.263 according to Spearmen correlation analysis being both significant at p = 0.01 level. (B) MID1 expression pattern in different histological and pathological cancer categories. 79 benign and 88 cancer samples were evaluated and included in the analysis. One-way Anova with Posthoc Bonferroni or Duncan was used for categories containing more than 2 groups and Mann Whitney U test for categories containing only 2 groups (benign and cancer). *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01,***p < 0.001. (C) Representative images of AR and MID1 immunohistochemistry in low and high grade cancer. Consecutive sections were double stained for AR or MID1, respectively (brown), and the basal cell marker P63 (dark blue). (D) Analogous images of tissue sections from two metastases.

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