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Figure 2

From: PP2A inhibition overcomes acquired resistance to HER2 targeted therapy

Figure 2

Phospho-proteomic analysis reveals decreased levels of p-eEF2 in SKBR3-L cells. (A) Example of a 3D view of p-eEF2 protein abundance with graphs of protein abundance analyzed by DeCyder software in SKBR3-par and SKBR3-L cells. The solid line represents the average of three replicate measurements (dotted lines) of protein abundance. (B) Schematic depiction of mTOR-mediated activation of eEF2; active mTOR phosphorylates and activates p70S6k, which in turn phosphorylates and deactivates eEF2k thus preventing the phosphorylation of eEF2 resulting in active eEF2. (C) Immunoblot analysis of total and phosphorylated eEF2(Thr56) in SKBR3-par and SKBR3-L cells following 24 hr lapatinib treatment.

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