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Figure 1

From: Profilin-1 suppresses tumorigenicity in pancreatic cancer through regulation of the SIRT3-HIF1α axis

Figure 1

Downregulation of Pfn1 in pancreatic cancer correlates with poor patient survival. (A) QPCR analysis of Pfn1 expression in 40 pairs of pancreatic cancer tissues (T) and their corresponding adjacent non-cancerous tissues (ANT). GAPDH mRNA expression was used as an internal control. (B) Representative micrographs showing low Pfn1 expression in pancreatic cancer and high levels of cytoplasmic expression of Pfn1 in the corresponding adjacent non-cancerous tissues (Magnification, ×400). (C) Kaplan-Meier analysis of the correlation between the Pfn1 level and cancer-specific survival of pancreatic cancer patients with high (n = 37) and low (n = 35) Pfn1 expression. (D) Representative images of normal, well, moderately, and poorly differentiated tumors (Magnification, ×400).

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