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Figure 5

From: OX26/CTX-conjugated PEGylated liposome as a dual-targeting gene delivery system for brain glioma

Figure 5

Dual-targeting effects of OX26/CTX-PL/pC27 complex and survival monitoring in vivo . (A) ~ (F): the cross-sections of the rat brain among different treatment groups. (A) sham-operated group (without C6 cells or drug administration); (B) PBS control group; (C) OX26/CTX-PL/pEGFP control group; (D) PL/pC27 group; (E) OX26-PL/pC27 groups; (F) OX26/CTX-PL/pC27 group. The red arrows designated the tumor sites. (G) The tumor volumes of the C6 glioma bearing rats among different treatment groups. Data were presented as mean ± SD (n = 6). *p > 0.05, **p < 0.01, vs. OX26/CTX-PL/pEGFP. (H) The Kaplan-Meier survival curves of C6 glioma bearing rats treated with PBS, OX26/CTX-PL/pEGFP, PL/pC27, OX26-PL/pC27 and OX26/CTX-PL/pC27complexes after inoculation, respectively.

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