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Figure 3

From: Supraphysiological androgen levels induce cellular senescence in human prostate cancer cells through the Src-Akt pathway

Figure 3

AR-agonists induce cellular senescence in human PCa tissue ex vivo . Human prostate cancer tissues after prostatectomy were used to examine the effect of androgens ex vivo. PCa tissue (n = 5 patients) and control (n = 2) samples were treated daily with 1 μM DHT or 10 nM and 1 μM R1881 for 48 h. A. Pictures of representative SA β-Gal stained cryosections (10 μm thickness) of untreated or treated PCa tumor tissue and non-tumor tissue. Bars represent 300 μm and spots of SA β-gal positive cells were labeled with arrows. B. Analysis of the gene expression of p16, p14 and p21 was performed via qRT-PCR. Gene expression was normalized to GAPDH and the values for untreated samples were set as one. Error bars indicate the standard deviation of the mean of doublets of the samples of one group.

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