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Figure 5

From: Supraphysiological androgen levels induce cellular senescence in human prostate cancer cells through the Src-Akt pathway

Figure 5

Three dimensional interphase FISH (3D-iFISH) indicates an androgen-induced change of the nuclear localization of the E2F1 loci under SAL conditions. A. 3D-iFISH of interphase LNCaP nuclei using a DNA probe directed against the genomic E2F1 gene loci (chromosome 20) were performed and costained with DAPI to detect the location of the genomic locus in relation to formed SAHFs after SAL treatment. One nucleus is shown representatively at various angles for 3D projection. Analysis of 24 nuclei suggests that 65% of the E2F1 loci colocalize with SAHFs (see text). B. Analysis of 24 senescent LNCaP nuclei in the same experimental setup as in (I) summarizing the location of the E2F1 loci within the nuclei differentiating between a peripheral, intermediate and center localization of the E2F1 genomic loci on chromosome 20.

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