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Figure 5

From: Histone deacetylase inhibition synergistically enhances pemetrexed cytotoxicity through induction of apoptosis and autophagy in non-small cell lung cancer

Figure 5

Induction of autophagy is essential for cytotoxic effect of pemetrexed followed by ITF2357 in human NSCLC cell lines. Analysis of (A) acid vesicular organelles (AVOs) by acridine orange, (B) apoptotic cells by AnnexinV/PI staining, and (C) cell viability by MTT assay in H1299 cells stably expressing control short hairpin RNA (H1299) or short hairpin RNA directed against Beclin1 (H1299 shBeclin1) or siRNA against ATG7 (H1299/siATG7) and exposed to pemetrexed (Pem, 0.1 μM) or ITF2357 (1 μM) alone or in combination treatment (24 h pemetrexed followed by 48 h ITF2357) in absence or presence of the pan-caspase inhibitor zVAD (50 μM).

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