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Figure 4

From: MicroRNA-940 suppresses prostate cancer migration and invasion by regulating MIEN1

Figure 4

miR-940 directly binds to MIEN1 . (A) MIEN1 mRNA level expressed as fraction of the initial value (T0) plotted over time, upon 10 μg/ml Actinomycin-D treatment following transfection with the Pre-miR-NT or Pre-miR-940 for 48 hours in DU-145. (B-D) Luciferase Reporter Assay showing relative luminescence upon co-transfection of miR-940 (right) or Pre-miR-NT (left) with either empty luciferase vector (Vec) or MIEN1 3′UTR luciferase vector (MIEN1WT / MIEN1Mut) in DU-145 (B), LNCaP (C) or PC-3 (D) respectively. ***P ≤0.001; **P ≤0.01.

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