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Figure 5

From: MicroRNA-940 suppresses prostate cancer migration and invasion by regulating MIEN1

Figure 5

miR-940 targets MIEN1 and affects MMP-9, uPA and VEGF expression in a cellular context-dependent manner . (A-B) Expression of the downstream targets of MIEN1 upon transfection of Pre-miR-NT or Pre-miR-940 in DU-145 (A) and Anti-miR-NT or Anti-miR-940 in PWR-1E (B) at both the translational and transcriptional levels as shown by western blotting (A,i, B,i) and qPCR (A,ii, B,ii) respectively. (C-D) qPCR showing the expression of MIEN1 and the effectors upon transfection with Anti-miR-940 in PC-3 (C) and with Pre-miR-940 in PC-3 (D).***P ≤0.001; **P ≤0.01; *P ≤0.05.

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