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Figure 6

From: MicroRNA-940 suppresses prostate cancer migration and invasion by regulating MIEN1

Figure 6

miR-940 affects the cellular migratory and invasive potential . (A) Migration of DU-145 upon transfection with either Pre-miR-NT, Pre-miR-940 or MIEN1 ORF with miR-NT or miR-940 depicted by a wound healing assay (left) and quantified as a percentage of the wound area closed (right, top) after 24 hours; (right, bottom) Western blotting to show MIEN1 expression in the different cells. (B) Representation (left) and quantification (right) of the migratory potential of PC-3 cells upon transfection with Anti-miR-NT or Anti-miR-940, 24 hours after making a wound. (C-D) Representation (top) and quantification (bottom) of the invasive potential of DU-145 (C) and PC-3 (D) cells as determined by the Boyden chamber matrigel invasion assay when transfected by miRNA mimic and inhibitor respectively. (E) Cell cycle analysis showing the percentage of the cell population in the Pre-miR-NT, Pre-miR-940, siNT and siMIEN1 transfected DU-145 cells. ***P ≤0.001; **P ≤0.01.

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