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Figure 7

From: MicroRNA-940 suppresses prostate cancer migration and invasion by regulating MIEN1

Figure 7

miR-940 alters the anchorage-dependent and -independent growth of DU-145 cells . (A) Morphology (left) and number (right) of colonies formed by Pre-miR-NT or Pre-miR-940 transfected DU-145 cells after 12 days on tissue culture treated adherent plates. (B) Soft agar colony formation assay shows the colonies in the agar (left) and their quantification (right) after 12 days. (C-D) Immunofluorescence (C) and western blotting (D) show the expression and localization of various proteins upon overexpression of Pre-miR-940 compared to Pre-miR-NT. Scale bar: 20μm. **P ≤0.01.

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